“Onze sector maakt ons leven makkelijker en duurzamer” – Jan Van Havenbergh in EOS Magazine

“De chemiesector zorgt voor tal van producten die ons leven gemakkelijker maken en de maatschappij verduurzamen. Tegelijk is ze een van de meest vervuilende industrieën.”

In een artikel in de septembereditie van EOS Magazine vertelt Jan Van Havenbergh, managing director van Catalisti, hoe de speerpuntcluster via innovatie bijdraagt aan de verduurzaming van de chemie- en kunststoffensector. Daarnaast komen ook verschillende innovatieve start-ups aan bod die zich, net als Catalisti, hebben gevestigd in BlueChem, de nieuwe incubator voor duurzame chemie. Meer weten? Lees dan gratis het artikel in EOS Magazine.


Enhanced PV integrated Concentrator Solar Power system

The CSP+ project, an intercluster collaboration with Flux50, aims to combine 2 solar technologies to produce heat (CSP) and electricity (PV) using the same surface area to capture even more energy from the sun. Its ambition to develop more efficient solar technology is especially relevant to Flanders, a region with a significant diffuse component in the sunlight and limited availability of free surface area.

Research within the project will specifically focus on the design of solar cells, development of new transmission coatings and innovative integration technology to maximize the energy yield and thus minimize the Levelized Cost Of Energy of CSP systems. This will make the use of CSP systems more economically viable in regions with a lot of diffuse light, like Flanders. At the end of the project, the consortium wants to arrive at a proof of concept on Thor Park that will be monitored for six months.

More information about this project will soon be provided on this page.

Project Details
Project type: ICON
Approved on: 09/07/2020
Duration: 01/09/2020 – 31/08/2022
Total budget: €1.656.408
Subsidy: €1.219.506
Project Partners


Recycling of plastics and titanium dioxide via advanced dissolution and separation techniques for plastic additive removal

The Remove2Reclaim project aims to develop innovative solvent-based extraction routes to remove additives, such as titanium dioxide, from different polymer matrices and to reuse both titanium dioxide and polymer in new products. This dissolution route will be a nice add-on to existing mechanical and chemical polymer recycling schemes.

More information about this project will soon be provided on this page.

Project Details
Project type: ICON
Approved on: 09/07/2020
Duration: 01/09/2020 – 31/08/2023
Total budget: €3.107.817
Subsidy: €1.898.644
Project Partners

Flanders supports start-ups – Catalisti in CHEManager 8/2020

“In a sustainable chemistry industry, young drivers of innovation are an essential piece of the puzzle.”

A wide-ranging article published in the latest edition of CHEManager, the renowned magazine for professionals and entrepreneurs in the German chemical industry, covers BlueChem, Catalisti, Moonshot and Antwerp as the home of Europe’s largest integrated chemical cluster. Read the full article (in German) on https://www.chemanager-online.com/news/flandern-unterstuetzt-start-ups, or click the image below.

Catalisti would like to thank Flanders Investment & Trade and Jessica Manthey for making this article possible.

EU ETS Innovation Fund Launches First Call

The EU Commission has launched a first project call in the framework of the EU ETS Innovation Fund. This fund supports innovation projects aiming to make Europe carbon-neutral. More project calls will follow between 2020 and 2030.

Last week, the EU Commission launched a first call within the framework of the EU ETS Innovation Fund. This call is technology-neutral, covers all eligible sectors, and specifically targets large-scale projects with capital expenditure above 7.5 million euro. In total, it sets aside no less than 1 billion euro in subsides. The call is open until 29 October 2020. More information about the fund and the first project call can be found at https://catalisti.be/eu-ets-innovation-fund-first-call/.

Job Opportunities @ Arteco – Senior Development Chemist

Arteco, a leading developer and manufacturer of quality antifreeze coolants and heat transfer fluids for automotive and industrial applications, is looking for a Senior Development Chemist.

Senior Development Chemist @ Arteco

As Development Chemist, you manage the developments for our product portfolio. You are responsible for the additive package development as well as for product development in relation to coolants, heat transfer fluids and hot-test or running-in fluids. In addition to research and development, you will also have OEM and supplier contacts in support of the product range and upcoming product introductions.

Your responsabilities
  • You develop product formulations that meet market global, regional and/or key OEM requirements in alignment with the business plan.
  • You participate in the support of the Company’s worldwide coolants marketing and manufacturing activities to enable identification of future product needs and supplier intelligence.
  • You develop long-term technical relationships with industry driver partners.
  • You use your acquired skills to provide guidance and coaching to lab technicians and other colleagues. At a later stage, you give presentations and provide trainings.
  • You act as an ambassador for the Arteco values, Code of Conduct and policies.

Your profile
  • You hold a Master or PhD degree in Chemistry. A solid working experience in the field is desirable, but we also want to have a chat with ambitious graduates.
  • You are fluent in English (written and spoken). Knowledge of Dutch and German and presentation skills are assets for customer contacts.
  • Collaborating with other research team members, our sales teams and industry partners is your second nature.
  • You have strong and in depth scientific knowledge and good technical insights.
  • Your creative and analytical skills will lead to success in this position.

Arteco’s offer
Arteco offers you a challenging role in a growing and financially sound company. You will be working in an international environment with high quality and safety standards. You will join a dynamic team who values independent thinking and teamwork. Arteco believes people are key to their success, giving employees opportunities for personal development and growth. Arteco offers a competitive salary package, group insurance, health insurance, meal vouchers, a large vacation entitlement, the possibility to work from home 1 day per week…

Find out more about this job offer and the application process at:


Tuning the Biodegradability of (Bio)Polymers for more Sustainable Plastic Applications

The Tune2Bio project seeks to develop the knowledge and expertise needed to tune the biodegradability of (bio)polyesters through innovative physical and chemical modification of polymers. The developed structure-processing-biodegradation relations will enable us to dial in the desired biodegradation profile over a large timeframe. Acquired knowledge and expertise will be used in combination with research into the challenging new production techniques that these newly modified polyesters require, resulting in a proof of concept for various industry-relevant products (i.e. filaments, fibres, and films).

More information about this project will soon be provided on this page.

Project Details
Project type: ICON
Approved on: 19/03/2020
Duration: 01/03/2020 – 28/02/2023
Total budget: €2.532.943
Subsidy: €1.745.339
Project Partners


Post-Consumer PVC Boosted with Additives

The PoCoPAdd project aims to gain a deeper understanding of the effect of recycling of post-consumer PVC by investigating the recyclate characteristics, processability and end product properties. With this knowledge, new high-performing additives will be designed to boost post-consumer PVC up to the level of virgin PVC and in turn increase the amount of post-consumer PVC recyclate in current and potential new high-performance products.

More information about this project will soon be provided on this page.

Project Details
Project type: ICON
Approved on: 19/03/2020
Duration: 1/06/2020 – 30/05/2023
Total budget: €3.105.401
Subsidy: €2.099.639
Project Partners