Call for Partners

Are you ready to boost your business by participating in one of our innovation projects? We regularly issue Requests for Partners (RfPs) to notify our network about interesting innovation opportunities and help our members find the right partners for each project. Check the list below to discover current RfPs and make sure to subscribe to the Catalisti Newsletter to never miss out on interesting future RfPs.

Catalisti RfPs

Catalisti Calls

Other Calls

In addition to RfPs for our own projects, we also forward relevant project calls by Flemish, Belgian and European authorities.

From project idea to project proposal

Requests for Partners are an integral part of our project procedure, allowing us to move from project idea to full project proposal.

At any time, companies can contact Catalisti about an innovation opportunity or project idea. Ideally, this idea is industry-driven and backed by a consortium of two companies.

The initiating companies further elaborate the project idea and draw up a 1-pager. In this phase, the consortium can be extended to include other companies or organisations.

The Catalisti Board of Directors evaluates the project idea and assesses its fit within the Catalisti innovation programmes.

To complete the project consortium, an RfP describing the project goal and requested expertise is distributed within the Catalisti network. Both companies, universities and research institutes can express their interest in participating in the project.

The initiating companies assess the received proposals and select the most suitable partners. After this selection, the project consortium is complete and all partners join the Catalisti community.

With the assistance of Catalisti, the consortium writes a full project proposal.

The project proposal is submitted to and evaluated by VLAIO via a custom evaluation procedure. If approved, the project is ready for take-off.
Want to learn more about our project procedure? Simply contact your Catalisti account manager or