Newsflash! The Catalisti Board of Directors has appointed Ann Verlinden, the current CEO of Belcare, as the spearhead cluster’s new Managing Director. She will succeed Jan Van Havenbergh as of 5 April 2021. Read more…

Catalisti continues to focus on sustainable food packaging that enables both optimal product protection and maximal circularity, for example through the Multi2Recycle project. Sorting and recycling companies are invited to join the Advisory Board of this project.

Ann Verlinden, the current CEO of Belcare, has been appointed as Catalisti's new Managing Director. She will succeed Jan Van Havenbergh as of 5 April 2021.

VLAIO, SPW Recherche and Innoviris have replaced the BEL-SME financing programme with BEL-COO. This new programme is open to both SMEs as well as large enterprises, and allows for both research and development projects.

Catalisti is currently elaborating the BIOPOL4MOTIVE project, entitled Biobased Polyols for flexible PU foams in automotive applications.

"De chemische procesindustrie is essentieel om een duurzame ontwikkeling van onze maatschappij te garanderen" - In FOKUS Energie & Innovatie geven Jan Van Havenbergh en Pieter Nachtergaele van Oleon hun kijk op de verduurzaming van de chemische procesindustrie.

Newsflash! The Catalisti Newsletter for December 2020 is out. This issue features 13 new Moonshot projects, a survey by BIG-Cluster, the full recording of the Catalisti Annual Event 2020, and so much more.

The interregional BIG-Cluster is updating its innovation agenda and wants your input to guide its future activities.

Two Flemish companies have received 3.2 million euro in “Strategische Transformatiesteun COVID-19” from the Flemish government to structurally secure the production of high-quality face masks in Flanders. Catalisti supported the government in identifying local expertise and evaluating potential production opportunities.

The implementation of digital technologies in chemical production and process environments isn’t catching on as quickly as anticipated due to a range of sector-specific challenges and hurdles. To pinpoint these challenges and provide an impetus for companies to overcome these hurdles, Catalisti has published a whitepaper, titled "Digitalisation of Chemical Production and Process Environments in Flanders".

In November 2020, Catalisti updated its Innovation Agenda. Through concrete innovation programs and focus topics, this agenda captures our ambition to actively contribute and give rise to a sustainable and competitive chemical and plastics industry in Flanders.