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Accelerating Innovation into Business
in Chemistry and Plastics

Who we are

At Catalisti, the spearhead cluster for innovation in the chemical and plastics industries, we mean business for companies. As the first and one of the seven spearhead clusters or open innovation clusters in Flanders, our program and project managers create successful synergies between companies of all sizes, universities and research institutes to accelerate the transition to sustainable chemistry and plastics.

Our mission

Our mission is to actively contribute to sustainable and competitive chemical & plastics industries, as well as related sectors in Flanders, by working on new value chains, improved innovation power, clustering knowledge, and a sustainable economy.

From innovation to new business

Through open innovation projects with support from the Flemish government, we champion cooperation throughout the industrial value chain to facilitate industrial innovations. Our expertise lies in combining expertise across sectors and disciplines, and making innovation concrete for your core business. We work with companies, sectors, other clusters and international peers.

Catalisti as a crucial partner

We are a team of specialists who initiate, captate and facilitate open innovation projects in the cluster network as a neutral partner We ensure agreement and alignment. Our experience in many projects makes us a crucial partner: we make innovation happen fast and help create a more competitive and more sustainable business.

Our members as open innovators in their sector

We operate through an extensive network, which includes more than 125 members: from industrial players throughout the entire chemical and plastics value chain to world-class universities and renowned research institutes. In the chemical and plastics industries, we work with SMEs, start-ups and global players.
As a member of Catalisti, you benefit from first-class information related to cutting-edge research and sustainability. You also benefit from our services in accelerating innovation into business. Catalisti gives new business opportunities a boost. We help our members not only to identify new developments and growth opportunities, but also to valorize them. Companies can remain competitive in sustainable products and processes, and keep a robust international reach.

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A Story of Successful Innovations

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Meet the Catalysts

Meet our team of catalysts and contact us to discover how we support you in accelerating innovation into business.

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Tine Schaerlaekens
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Mathias Jacobs

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Aron Deneyer
Dr. ing. Martijn Roosen - Innovation Broker
Martijn Roosen
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Stef Koelewijn
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Dieter Ruijten
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Bert Boekaerts