Our whitepapers seek to highlight topical issues in the chemical and plastics industry in Flanders. They aim to inform and inspire, or function as a call to action. Althought they reflect the current situation, these whitepapers are not intended to be comprehensive sources of reference.


One of the requests from the BAFTA project was to write an open-access review about the literature study carried out in this project. The Catalisti whitepaper Towards a Sustainable Value Chain of Lignin-Based Bio-Aromatics in Flanders does exactly that.

It starts by describing a general four-step value chain of lignin-based bio-aromatics, which encompasses (i) feedstock management (ii) refinement (iii) downstream processing and (iv) application. For each step of the value chain, similarities and differences with traditional fossil routes are discussed, as well as state-of-the-art value chain requirements and potential partners. The paper also highlights the next steps to debottleneck major hurdles.

As a partner in the chemical and plastics industry, you will find what is necessary to make the switch to a biobased product or value chain and what the positive impact could be for your business. Catalisti aims to stimulate the further integration of bio-aromatics in the chemical and plastics industry, such as going towards higher TRL levels.

Lignin-based bio-aromatics are the focus of this paper. The examples are non-limitative and incomplete, and therefore only scratch the surface. The full potential of biomass and bio-based value chains in general of course goes much further than only using lignin for bio-aromatics. Think for example about the valorization of sugar-, oil- or protein-rich natural streams.

Click here to download the full whitepaper published on 30 June 2022 (PDF).
For more detailed information, we kindly refer to the addendum of the whitepaper (PDF).
More details about the BAFTA project itself can be found on the web page.


The implementation of digital technologies in chemical production and process environments isn’t catching on as quickly as anticipated due to a range of sector-specific challenges and hurdles.

The whitepaper Digitalisation in Chemical Production and Process Environments in Flanders seeks to pinpoint these challenges and provide an impetus for companies to overcome these hurdles.

Throughout the whitepaper, you will find examples and concrete cases that aim to inform you about possible solutions and inspire you to successfully start, intensify or complete the digital transformation of your company.

Click here to download the full whitepaper published on 4 December 2020 (PDF).