Our Approach

As a spearhead cluster, Catalisti builds partnerships between companies in the chemical and plastics sector, universities, research institutes, associations and governments in Flanders. We support our members to identify and initiate tangible opportunities, and bring them together to make innovations happen. And we help members find the expertise and resources to create successful projects.

Triple F Principle

At Catalisti, our approach is based on the Triple F Principle.


Catalisti FINDS and initiates new innovation projects aimed at new sustainable business opportunities for your company and finds the best partners for collaborations.


Catalisti FACILITATES alignment and agreements between partners, has the necessary competences and resources to facilitate grant applications for projects.


Catalisti FULFILLS your company needs by offering specific services and by enabling collaborations with innovative partners to quickly come to concrete solutions.

Testimonials: A Story of Successful Projects

Find out more about our approach by clicking on the video testimonials below.

Govi and Agfa
Turning waste into feedstock: that’s the essence of the P2PC project. As a catalyst during project exploration and a glue during project execution, Catalisti creates value through partnership for Govi and Agfa.

Moving from lab scale to pilot scale? Upgrading product portfolios? Expanding market share? Thanks to the Lipametics project, companies like Oleon are ready to transform research into business. Read more.

Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services and Samsonite
From sustainable processes and products at Ajinomoto to circularity in a suitcase at Samsonite: Catalisti finds the right innovation partners for companies across B2B and B2C.

Devan and Cargill
Bringing textiles to life? Helping the bioeconomy thrive? The success stories of Devan and Cargill showcase how Catalisti drives business in the circular economy of tomorrow.

Indaver and B4Plastics
Indaver turns recycled plastics into chemicals. B4Plastics turns chemicals into compostable and degradable plastics. Throughout the entire value chain, Catalisti enables growth through investment.

ChemStream and Janssen Pharmaceutica
Helping ChemStream to convert insects into biopolymers or supporting Janssen Pharmaceutica to establish modular and mobile recycling plants: Catalisti helps companies flourish on the frontline of open innovation.

Eastman and Millibeter
World-class research, advanced product design or high-end technology development? Catalisti catalyses opportunities for all its members, from global firms like Eastman to local start-ups like Millibeter.

3M and InOpSys
Cooperation, collaboration and coordination: for Catalisti, 3M and InOpSys these aren’t buzzwords but indispensable tools to successfully accelerate innovation into business.