Our Approach

As a spearhead cluster, Catalisti builds partnerships between companies in the chemical and plastics sector, universities, research institutes, associations and governments in Flanders. We support our members to identify and initiate tangible opportunities, and bring them together to make innovations happen. And we help members find the expertise and resources to create successful projects.

Triple F Principle

At Catalisti, our approach is based on the Triple F Principle.


Catalisti FINDS and initiates new innovation projects aimed at new sustainable business opportunities for your company and finds the best partners for collaborations.


Catalisti FACILITATES alignment and agreements between partners, has the necessary competences and resources to facilitate grant applications for projects.


Catalisti FULFILLS your company needs by offering specific services and by enabling collaborations with innovative partners to quickly come to concrete solutions.

Testimonials: A Story of Successful Projects

Find out more about our approach by clicking on the video testimonials below.