True Recycling Upscaling of Flexible Packaging in the Plastics Circular Economy

TRUCE, an intercluster project in collaboration with Flanders’ FOOD, aims to develop new building blocks for highly functional, flexible packaging solutions that can be combined into fully recyclable mono-polyethylene (≥95% PE) structures in practice and at scale, the combination depending on the end application.

In addition, the project seeks to develop a recyclability protocol that is leaner compared to what exists today. This will, on the one hand, allow the project partners to do fact-based analyses of the improved recyclability of the newly developed structures at SOTA recycling facilities. On the other hand, it will also act as a baseline protocol for flexible packaging that could bring added value to the entire industry.

By involving several industrial partners, TRUCE enables:
  • the testing of the developed structures on dedicated packaging lines at industrial scale, taking a critical step towards product testing in an operational environment
  • the checking of the shelf-life performance of the packaged good
Project Details
Project type: COOP
Approved on: 10/12/2020
Duration: 1/01/2021 – 31/12/2022
Total budget: To be confirmed
Subsidy: To be confirmed
Project Partners