SUperCritiCal Solutions for Side-stream valorisation


Currently, a market trend towards the upgrading of side streams to high added value ingredients through development of innovative know-how is present. Indinox (a company that has achieved a strong position in the market with the prefabrication, construction, assembly and installation of pipelines) and Eco Treasures (a company active in the extraction of natural components) target to make available and promote to the market isolated, high value added components, that have been produced sustainably from organic/biological side streams. Indinox is part of the Gumiro holding, which is the main shareholder of Eco Treasures. Both companies have joined forces with some other companies (e.g., Cargill), that are also interested in the upgrading of side streams to high value raw materials.

Project type: ICON
Approved on: 18/06/2015
Duration: 01/09/2015 – 31/08/2018
Total project budget: EUR 1.437.368
Subsidy: EUR 1.256.808
Partners: Logo_EcoTreasures_small gova logo indinox Tectero-Chemie
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