Tuning the Biodegradability of (Bio)Polymers for more Sustainable Plastic Applications

The Tune2Bio project seeks to develop the knowledge and expertise needed to tune the biodegradability of (bio)polyesters through innovative physical and chemical modification of polymers. The developed structure-processing-biodegradation relations will enable us to dial in the desired biodegradation profile over a large timeframe. Acquired knowledge and expertise will be used in combination with research into the challenging new production techniques that these newly modified polyesters require, resulting in a proof of concept for various industry-relevant products (i.e. filaments, fibres, and films).

More information about this project will soon be provided on this page.

Project Details
Project type: ICON
Approved on: 19/03/2020
Duration: 01/03/2020 – 28/02/2023
Total budget: €2.532.943
Subsidy: €1.745.339
Project Partners

Questions about this project? Please contact catalyst Martijn Mertens (mmertens@catalisti.be).