Post-Consumer PVC Boosted with Additives

PVC is a common plastic material, found in household applications like window profiles and luxury vinyl tiles. Today, the quality of recycled post-consumer PVC waste lags behind virgin PVC, limiting its potential. The sustainable solution? Adding high-performing additives during the recycling process to boost post-consumer PVC to the level of virgin PVC.

PoCoPAdd aims to gain a deeper understanding of the effect recycling has on post-consumer PVC by investigating the recyclate characteristics, processability and end product properties. With this knowledge, new high-performing additives will be designed to boost post-consumer PVC up to the level of virgin PVC and in turn increase the amount of post-consumer PVC recyclate in current and potential new high-quality products.

Press Releases
Press release by project partner Oleon – 26 October 2020

Project Details
Project type: ICON
Approved on: 19/03/2020
Duration: 1/06/2020 – 30/05/2023
Total budget: €3.105.401
Subsidy: €2.099.639
Project Partners

Questions about this project? Please contact catalyst Luc Van Ginneken (lvanginneken@catalisti.be).