Particles In FlowSubmission 

The production of nano and microparticles comes with several challenges like guaranteeing uniform size and size distribution, functionalization of the particles, reliable scale-up from lab to production scale.
Reactor miniaturization via flow chemistry can provide an answer to these challenges. Flow chemistry offers fast and efficient mixing, performing controlled reactions under (high) pressure, better temperature control, and relatively easy scale-up. The use of flow chemistry leads to a more efficient production process with less waste production, as the synthesis of nano and microparticles in flow reactors provides better control of particle size, shape, physical and chemical characteristics and particle size distribution (e.g., Laurino et al., 2011; Zhao et al., 2011; Song et al., 2011).

The goal of this project is to research

  1. how monodisperse nano and microparticles can be achieved
  2. how particle size and size distribution can be tuned
  3. how particle morphology can be directed
  4. how particle functionalities can be adopted

in a continuous and sustainable production route through the use of flow technology. These newly developed systems will be benchmarked against their countertypes, obtained by traditional batch synthesis.