The goal of this project is to provide a user-friendly, practical and freely accessible web tool that helps the user to select the most appropriate (Q)SARs for product development, product registration as well as product follow-up. The developed decision tree will give the user an idea of the reliability of the (Q)SARs for testing of a specific compound/substance and, where applicable, indicate what additional information is needed in order to increase reliability. For example, a combination of (Q)SAR systems or additional data or expertise. As a result, the utility of (Q)SARs for a specific application can be estimated. The web tool will be a guide for the correct use of (Q)SARs for the prediction of the toxicity of chemicals. The target group of the web tool are people responsible for the development, registration and monitoring of products from the chemical-producing and chemical-using industries.

Call for companies and other organisations to join the usergroup of the ASOPUS project

Is your company or organization involved in one way or another, or interested in the use of (Q) SAR models, then you can be part of the ASOPUS usergroup in exchange for a very small financial contribution. This provides you with:

  • First access to the results of the project, including the testing of the tool
  • Opportunity to provide input during the project
  • A learning environment through active interaction with the experts
Project information
Project type: TETRA
Approved on: 20/06/2013
Total project budget: EUR 359.999
Subsidy: EUR 332.999
Partners: thomas_morelogo_UA_hor_kl_0VITO logo blendsArche
User Group: ASOPUS gebruikers