Assessment of Microbial Protein Sources for Food and Feed


The goal of Prometheus is to deliver the proof-of-concept that microbial protein-rich biomass and by-products from citric acid production are fit for use as high-quality proteins in feed and food.

Why this project?

Just like with materials or energy, in the food and feed industries, scientists are looking into shifting the boundaries of existing resources or new resources to (partially) replace for instance animal protein. New and shifting resources has been identified as one of the 4 main programs of Flanders’ Food, one of the leading project partners in Prometheus. In this program, protein transition and sidestreams are concrete roadmaps. More specifically, Prometheus is looking at the sidestream of citric acid production and into microbial biomass for protein use.

Target group and results


Project Details

Project type: ICON
Approved on: 12/12/2019
Duration: 1/03/2020 – 30/03/2022
Total budget: €1.880.692
Subsidy: €1.316.313

Project Partners

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