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Catalisti Presentation

Wood to Aromatics – KUL

MAIA – Chemstream

BIO-HArT – Biorizon

Towards a bio-based economy: fact or myth? – 3M

Upcoming calls within Horizon 2020 – Catalisti

European funding – VLEVA


Enzymatic synthesis of glycosylated molecules for use in food, cosmetics and fine chemicals – VITO/UGent

Chitosan conversion into specific oligomers for use in different applications – VITO

Valorization of insect protein to different applications – VITO

Medium for improved industrial conversion – VITO

Enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins into tailored peptides and their use in different applications – VITO

Biobased pigments and higher valuables from algae – VITO/Thomas More

Catalytic amination of alcohols – UGent

Biogenic, depolymerizable and degradable designed, XL-monomers and polymers with new thermal and physical properties – UA

Acrylonitrile and their Carbon Fibers from Renewable Resources – KULeuven

Ethyleen Glycol from Sugars – KULeuven

Novel Bisphenols with low toxicity potential – KULeuven

Novel Branched short Polyhydric Alcohols from Renewable Resources – KULeuven

Sustainable Conjugated Triglycerides – KULeuven