The Flemish industry carbon circular and low in CO2 by 2050 through the development of marketable innovative technologies in Flanders by 2040

Flanders Industry Innovation moonshot

On December 12th 2015, 195 countries, including Belgium, committed themselves in Paris to fight global warming by signing the Climate Agreement. There is a need for an ambitious, thorough and widely supported effort to realize a fundamental solution to the unprecedented climate and energy challenge. The historical incremental evolutions, such as implemented in emissions and energy consumption will not be sufficient to achieve a complete transition to a carbon-smart industry.

The moonshot – for which the budget of 2019 provided €20 million of recurring innovation funds for the next 20 years – aims to develop and realize new and unique technology by 2040 that will make the intended transition to a carbon-smart economy by 2050 possible. This ambitious effort offers opportunities for and requires thorough research and technological innovations in the energy-intensive sectors (with a focus on the refining, chemical and iron & steel sectors) in the defined moonshot research trajectories.

catalisti was asked to take the lead and to develop the strategic innovation and research agenda for the Flemish moonshot, given the crucial role that chemicals and plastics play in both CO2 emissions and in avoiding them, by providing breakthrough solutions that other sectors count on to make their products more sustainable (in synergy with the other spearhead clusters).

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