Catalisti Day: Philip De Cleen

KeyNote Speaker: Philip De Cleen


‘Ritsen doe je zo’

In 2018 the Flemish government launched a mobility campaign aiming at reducing traffic jams. The name of this campaign : ‘Ritsen doe je zo’. At road narrowings due to traffic work, the desired behaviour is that the car that wants to into the traffic jam, drives as far as possible and then only joins the driving lane. This new mobility rule of conduct was and is still highly contested. A lot of car drivers who have to let incoming cars pass in front of them in a traffic jam are not pleased. Two opposed phenomena come into play here : the general intrest dictates that traffic jams are easily solved by applying the new rule. Self-intrest of the driver that has to let a car pass in front is opposed to this. His/her own driving time is extended. And moreover, the driver is even more displeased if the care passing in front is a…BMW. So in reality ‘Ritsen doe je zo’ is not followed by everyone and the traffic jams keep on growing. And everybody and nobody is responsible.

‘Moonshot meets Catalisti’

Quick switch : the climate today plays the part of the traffic jam in the previous chapter and you are the driver stuck in the traffic jam (yes you, coming to the event). What will you do ? The question is not what your ‘+1’, your shareholder or the board will do. You have the power to decide what you will do next. Will you act against your self-intrest at short term ? Do you dare to jeapordize your salary development this year and the professional ambition that you talked about with others ? Do you dare to publicly question the companies targets and goals ? This in order to serve the general intrest ? What will you do ?

The solution to this paradox lies in values and in ‘together’. And of course in Catalisti ! Values and ‘together’. How does this work and how to start this off ? And yes, the real good news is that it’s up to you. Together with others. As off tomorrow. Do you dare ?

During the first part of his career Philip worked in marketing, sales and communication for brands/multinationals lik Lay’s, Campina, Henkel, Thomas Cook and Duval Guillaume. He gathered experience in Belgium, the Benelux and Europe from low managerial level up to C-level. Building brands and innovation management formed the backbone of his activities in this part of his professional life.

Today his activities are spread out into three directions : as an energetic teacher in marketing at Karel de Grote University College; as an advisor on general strategy and marketing/sales/communication for startups, scale-ups and full blown companies; and as an inspirational keynote speaker. Recently he published a marketing handbook that offers a new paradigm on marketing. ‘Marketing. Go with the Flow’ is used in many university colleges and by companies as source of inspiration for building marketing strategy.

Philip is not a climate guru. He is not an innovation guru. He is neither a social media phenomenon. Philip is a free-spirited thinker with outspoken opinions that can cause friction. And yeah, he drives a BMW and lives at a 200 meter distance from the most famous of belgian traffic jams.