Catalisti Annual Event 2019: Report and Pictures

On December 11, 2019, more than 100 Catalisti partners representing industries, universities and other renowned research institutes attended the Catalisti Annual Event 2019. This year’s theme: Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Changes.

Opening Remarks – Hilde Crevits

Hilde Crevits, Flemish Minister for Economy, Innovation, Work, Social Economy and Agriculture, opened the event with a video message (in Dutch).

Annual Review – Jan Van Havenbergh

Next up: a review of the year by Jan Van Havenbergh, managing director of Catalisti. His presentation showcased Catalisti’s remarkable realisations of 2019 and provided participants with a series of fascinating facts and figures. Jan Van Havenbergh also put a number of successful projects and partnerships in the spotlights to highlight Catalisti’s mission: accelerating innovation into business in chemistry and plastics.

Moonshot – Panel Discussion

In 2019, the Moonshot initiative was officially launched. In this ambitious industrial innovation programme, Flemish universities, research institutes and industries develop breakthrough technologies by 2040 to create new climate-friendly processes and products. These breakthrough technologies will help Flemish industries make the big leap: carbon circular and low in CO2 by 2050!

Catalysts and Moonshot representatives Isabelle Monnaie, Jeroen van Walsem, Luc Van Ginneken and Wannes Libbrecht joined Jan Van Havenbergh on stage for an interesting panel discussion. For more information on Moonshot, visit

Keynote – Urgert & Van Deudekom

In our lifetimes, we all make thousands of choices. In a hilarious and hyperactive keynote, Dutch comedians Urgert & Van Deudekom showed participants that these choices are not always as deliberate and thought out as we think. Through exercises, mind games, wordplay and a healthy dose of humour, Urgert & Van Deudekom demonstrated participants how to avoid the pitfalls we encounter when making choices.

Closing Remarks – Wouter de Geest

Wouter de Geest, president of Catalisti, delivered the closing remarks of this year’s event.

Walking Dinner

After the speeches and presentations, a delicious walking dinner presented participants with an excellent opportunity to network with old friends and new acquaintances. Thanks for your participation and see you next year!