Valorisation of Wheat Bran into Surfactant Molecules

The interregional ValBran project seeks to develop biotechnological and green chemistry pathways for the production of high added-value surfactant molecules with low environmental impact. The approach consists of developing several laboratory-scale processes and the selection of most promising process for pilot-scale transfer. This will eventually be followed by economic and environmental analysis of the developed process(es). The targeted applications are detergency, cosmetics, phytosanitary agents and food additives.

The project also aims to strengthen the cross-border cooperation between the bio-economy sectors of northern France, Wallonia and Flanders. This aim is reflected by the broad project consortium, which includes partners from all three regions. For more information, please visit or read the press release (in English).

Dissemination of research results
After four years of research, the ValBran project will present its findings during a webinar on 2 December 2020. You can register for this webinar for free by clicking the following link:

Project Details
Project type: INTERREG
Duration: 31/12/2016 – 31/12/2020
Total budget: €1.745.826
Subsidy: €872.913
Project Partners