Innovative Trends in Cosmetics

InTiCosm is an interregional project between Flanders, France and Wallonia that aims to investigate the development of biosourced materials and their use in the field of cosmetic formulation. These compounds, called “green cargo ships”, are made from molecules obtained primarily from biorefineries in the Franco-Belgian region, respecting the principles of green chemistry as much as possible (in particular by reducing the use of solvents and the number of synthesis steps). The molecules obtained are used in cosmetic formulations. Specific studies are carried out to select the most efficient and least expensive cargoes, which can then be tested with manufacturers in the cross-border region.

The project also seeks to strengthen the cross-border cooperation between the bio-economy sectors of northern France, Wallonia and Flanders. This aim is reflected by the broad project consortium, which includes partners from all three regions.

More info about the project can be found on the VITO website (in Dutch).

Project Details
Project type: INTERREG
Duration: 01/01/2019 – 31/12/2022
Total budget: €2.207.229,65
Subsidy: €1.103.614,80
Project Partners