Carboleum 2

Catalytic Conversion of Carbohydrate Sidestreams to Develop New, Innovative Chemical Applications

Carboleum 2 is a follow-up project that builds upon a previous Catalisti project, Carboleum 1. Carboleum 1 aimed to develop a new economic value chain in Flanders based on the catalytic conversion of carbohydrate sidestreams, in particular cellulosic streams, into new organic alkylamine-based intermediates and thereby support the development of new and improved chemical applications. Whereas Carboleum 1 focussed on the catalytic conversion of less complex feedstock, such as glucose, maltose and starch into aminated intermediates, Carboleum 2 progresses towards the purification and conversion of more complex cellulosic streams.

Project Details
Project type: ICON
Approved on: 18/03/2015
Duration: 31/03/2015 – 29/06/2017
Total budget: €1.556.190
Subsidy: €1.086.280
Project Partners