PU insulation Recycling (PURE): Study of the technical, economic and environmental feasibility of the recycling of construction, demolition and production waste


Polyurethane foam has been widely used as efficient insulation material in construction for many years. Yard waste and demolition waste end up in the containers with mixed constructionwaste, and after sorting are incinerated with energy recovery. The amount of polyurethane foam scrap from construction yards is still relatively small, but the volume will grow strongly in the coming years.

The PURE project will research recycling techniques for a more high-quality recovery of polyurethane foam insulation in a ‘Closing the Closest Loop’ concept. The techniques should be technically and economically feasible, but also ecologically meaningful. Recticel, Unilin and Vanheede Environmental Logistics work together on this project.

Project type: HS
Approved on: 28/05/2014
Duration: 01/09/2014 – 31/08/2015
Total project budget: EUR 201.490
Subsidy: EUR 80.596
Partners: partners