Plant on a Truck

The valuation study Plant on a Truck (or POAT) aims to contribute to the creation of a new company, Avore, which provides integrated, chemical-technological solutions for the valorization of process (side)streams through flexible, modular and mobile units.

In a first phase, the focus within Avore will be on the on-site recovery of pharmaceutical and chemical secondary flows, that cannot be recycled or valorized within the current process (non-core for the process/business). The goal is to treat the secondary flows on site, close to the production process, to eliminate the use of holding tanks and central processing. The mobile, modular units will be constructed in a way that they can subsequently be used for the valorization of other process (side)streams (= flexible units). But first, the most appropriate business model should be optimized to attract (additional) investors. To support the business model, technological proof of concept is needed for a number of side streams. During proof of concept the economic feasibility can also be evaluated.

Both the pharmaceutical and chemical industry are investing in sustainable processes. They do this partly by making use of process intensification, which should lead to safer processes, less emissions and waste, less consumption of energy and raw materials (energy and atom efficiency), smaller systems, lower costs and shorter time-to-market. Alternatively the companies invest in sustainability by using renewable raw materials in their processes. This shift of the typical petroleum-based industry to a more biomass-based industry requires not only new conversion processes, but also more flexible, modular and even mobile installations for reaction and separation that enable a more intensified approach. In addition to a broad chemical expertise this transformation also requires thoroughly understanding process technology (= translate the chemical solution in an efficient process) and process engineering (= translation of the process in an operating system) to be able to actually realize and implement the most viable chemical solution. Avore will combine this knowledge and translate it to practical solutions for its customers with a strong emphasis on modular and transportable production units, which the company will produce itself.

Press Publications
Mobiele zuiveringsinstallatie haalt zink uit proceswater – NPT Magazine – 18 May 2020