Ongelimiteerde Recyclage

The EFRO project Ongelimiteerde Recyclage, or Unlimited Recycling, seeks to further promote the circular economy by exploring the possibilities of unlimited recycling, gauging the applicability limits of recycled materials, and stimulating the use of those recycled materials. In this respect, overcoming prejudices about the use of recyclates in end products will be an important component of the project.

Through Circular Inspiration Days, the project will engage companies to brainstorm around eight recycling themes that are of specific interest to the textile and plastics sector. Co-creation sessions with companies and knowledge institutions will actively aim to seek concrete solutions for sectoral issues. Through these sessions, are aimed at. Finally, this collaborative approach is intended to lead to new economically-relevant products.

On 19 October 2021, during the Circular Inspiration Day III, the project’s end results and inspiring stories will be shared with interested companies! More info about this event.

More info about this EFRO project:

Project Details
Project type: EFRO
Duration: 01/05/2019 – 30/04/2021
Total budget: €968.700
Subsidy: €387.480
Project Partners