Manufacturing of Advanced & Innovative bio-Aromatics

During strategic meetings between FISCH and the Flemish universities and knowledge institutes, the theme ‘bio-aromatics’ was recognized as strategically important for Flanders. Several pathways towards the production of bio-aromatics were defined and resulted amongst others in the MAIA concept. The overall goal of MAIA is to fully utilize the natural functionality of biomolecules by catalytically converting preferably waste wood and flax shives into solubilized proto-lignin fractions and a solid (hemi-)cellulose pulp with a main focus on the production of aromatic molecules with a maximized amount of (hydroxyl) functionalities and a (hemi-)cellulose fraction suitable for further processing into paper or functional sugars. This altered scheme for the biorefinery of wood, compared to existing paper mills, intends to maintain the reactivity of the derived molecules by producing a limited variety of bio-aromatic compounds. In this project the waste wood and flax shive refinery will be fine-tuned in function of several selected applications represented by 5 industrial partners, such as dispersion agents and emulsifiers, resins for ink, foundry, refractory and wood modification, wood adhesives, UV-stabilizers and flavours.

Project type: ICON
Approved on: 18/06/2015
Duration: 01/09/2015 – 31/08/2017
Total project budget: EUR 937.901
Subsidy: EUR 765.006
Partners: chemstream Beaulieu_main_RGB_50mm cobalin lawter Sita TransFurans Chemicals