Lipase catalyzed solvent free esterification of fatty acids with lower alcohols

Every year, about 100,000 tons of natural fatty acids are used in the production of various esters of fatty acids.The esters with lower alcohols (methyl, ethyl -n-propyl, isopropylandbutylesters) are used as emollient in cosmetics and other personal care products and lubricants. Esters of fatty acids with poly alcohols are used in food and personal care.

Lipase-based esterification in the absence ofsolvent shows clear advantages compared to traditional chemical processes through process simplification, increased product quality and reduced carbon footprint.Today, the commercial availability of lipase-catalyzed esters is very limited due to a gap in available technology for the esterification of fatty acids with lower alcohols.

The current partners in this project will research the raw materials, pilot production, general product specifications(Oleon) and applications for cosmetics (Gova) and feed (Nutrition Sciences).

Approved on: 18/06/2015
Duration: 01/09/2015 – 31/08/2018
Total project budget: EUR 1.119.003
Partners: gova Logo-Nutrition-Sciences-300x115 VITO logo blends