Demonstration Cultivation of Spirulina in the Greenhouse Sector


In this project we want to grow the micro-algae Spirulina on demonstration scale (200 m²) in vacant greenhouses that were previously intended for the azalea cultivation. The small-scale, artisanal way, in which sometimes Spirulina is already grown in France, will be optimized and professionalized using the know-how from the Flemish tomatoes cultivation. A number of non-technical and automation parameters will be optimized to annual yield, product quality and cost per kg of product. This concerns control, lighting, heating, harvest, recirculation, first processing and preservation. Besides optimizing the production demo scale, the market potential in the food sector will also be briefly examined.

Project information
Project type: HS
Approved on: 19/12/2013
Total project budget: EUR 45.436
Subsidy: EUR 22.719
Partners: AnKo Projects, Plant Projects, De Romaanse Poort, Gekruid