Generic Method for Hybrid Injection Mould Development for Short-Run Production Series

The HybridMoulds project aims to develop a versatile and industry-competitive method for the manufacturing of hybrid injection moulds for short-run injection moulding production series using additive manufacturing (AM) technology. Hybrid moulds are a combination of a conventional mould frame and mould making strategy integrated with core and cavity produced via technologies such as Additive Manufacturing. The main project output will result in a production method that combines reduced lead-times and high quality (comparable to an injection moulded part with a classic mould) output of the final injection moulded parts.

Project Details
Project type: ICON
Approved on: 24/10/2018
Duration: 01/01/2019 – 31/12/2020
Total budget: €2.216.856
Subsidy: €1.435.700
Project Partners