The Polymer paradox or when durability is a challenge to overcome trough cutting-edge innovation: Meet Stefaan DE WILDEMAN from B4PLASTICS !

Ever since their origin, plastics have been durable lightweight materials for functional articles such as fibers, films, parts and plates. They have merged with our lives as silent spies that commissioned prosperity without claiming anything back. If time is money, why spend a thought on such a cheap thing as plastics? So, we never checked their resources. We hardly noticed their presence. Until now – because suddenly they came back. Somehow, they became much more remarkable than before – although much smaller. In our food. In our natural habitats. In our bodies. And in our anxious dreams. And now that we’re waking up from those dreams, people learned to understand that durability can be too durable. It is time to give up on our first generation of plastics. Let’s thank them for what they brought, but let’s welcome their successors. Those new generation of plastics that can be made from local renewables, produced in our own countries, understood by their users, and designed for smart recycling – into industry or into Nature. For their re-design, it requires scientific know-how. For their success, it requires industrial cooperation and human education. And for their glory, it requires innovators that guide us from the old to the new.








Stefaan DE WILDEMAN graduated as a Chemical Engineer in Applied Biological Sciences (KULeuven, 1998), and finished his Ph.D. after discovering a new bacterial species dehalorespiring chlorinated organic pollutants in groundwater (Ghent University / Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, 2002). 

Since 2002, he joined DSM as an Associate Scientist in the field of Bio-catalysis, one of DSM’s world-leading competences. As a Senior Scientist, he has increasingly explored new options to link renewable raw materials to new bio-based building blocks for novel materials with added functionality.

Since 2013, Stefaan started up research activities, education programs and strategic projects on new bio-based building blocks at Maastricht University and Ghent University.

His hunger for social impact guided him to B4Plastics – a young start-up company that has the mission to “make ecological plastic consumption easier”. By designing novel plastic products for their eco-balanced application from scratch, the company offers custom made oligomeric and polymeric material products with outcompeting eco-profile at acceptable cost. As from 2017, under his guidance, B4Plastics entered into several Belgian and European subsidy programs with leading value chain players in the field of ecological materials sourcing and use. Since 2018, he took the dedicated role of managing director at B4Plastics to further expand the specialty bioplastic product portfolio in both B2C and B2B products and services. Typically, B4plastics engages in design of materials from scratch, prototyping them into first kilograms within several months, and guiding the manufacturing to full scale implementation.


You can meet Stefaan DE WILDEMAN and more world-leading experts in Green Chemistry and White Biotech at GreenWin’s International Conferences on 8 & 9 May 2019, at ULB Centre Point in Gosselies (South of Brussels) – Belgium

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