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Newsflash! The Catalisti Newsletter for July 2021 is out. This issue features a word of welcome to our new colleagues Peggy and Aron, two Moonshot follow-up projects, an open letter to the Flemish government by leading researchers, and so much more.

Two new catalysts have joined the Catalisti team. Peggy Fredrickx and Aron Deneyer are ready and eager to further support our members in accelerating innovation into business!

Vanaf september kunnen Vlaamse kmo’s bij VLAIO een steunaanvraag indienen om via pilootinfrastructuur te testen of het opschalen van een biogebaseerde toepassing haalbaar is.

Chemische recyclage is aan een opmars bezig in Vlaanderen. Zo investeert Indaver 100 miljoen euro om polystyreen chemisch te recycleren tot herbruikbare basisbouwstenen. Een wereldwijde primeur!

To strengthen the competitiveness of Flemish SMEs, Flanders is participating in the 28th IraSME call through VLAIO’s Ontwikkelingsproject aid instrument. The call has no thematic limitations and is open till 29 September 2021.

BIOPOL4MOTIVE will support car manufacturers and their suppliers in making polyurethane (PU) foams used in car acoustic interiors more sustainable.

Om onze klimaatdoelen te halen en de duurzame transitie van de Vlaamse industrie te ondersteunen zijn bijkomende overheidsinvesteringen broodnodig, dat stellen enkele Vlaamse topwetenschappers in een open brief in De Tijd.

Enzymares will develop an enzyme prediction toolbox to speed up enzyme discovery and reduce the time-to-market for new enzymes.

Newsflash! The Catalisti Newsletter for May 2021 is out. This issue features a job opening at Catalisti, an invitation to support new Moonshot project proposals, birthday wishes for BlueChem, and so much more.

With the support of the Catalisti project BIORESAL, VITO has launched a tool for the effective downstream processing of lignin and lignin oils.