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Is your company a candidate processor or buyer of pot marigold raw materials, the flowers, the seeds or derivatives thereof such as flower extract or seed oil, from locally grown pot marigold (Calendula officinalis)? In the context of an agricultural project, it has been established that the cultivation of pot marigold for Flemish agriculture is technically feasible and, provided that it is scaled up and optimized, also profitable. Eleven pioneers have already tried the cultivation and no less than 52 farmers are interested. Pot marigold can be grown for a dual purpose: first, flowers are harvested several times and then

On 9 November, all Flemish research institutes had the opportunity to present their research on hydrogen in a series of short pitches to an audience of industrial partners. Research inventory The Flemish hydrogen strategy focusses on economic and innovative development. Flanders has expressed the ambition to become a European leader in the field of hydrogen. One of the pillars of this Flemish hydrogen vision is the strengthening of the Flemish research base in the field and the drawing up of a "research agenda". The federal hydrogen strategy aims to position Belgium as an import and transit hub in Europe for

On Thursday 18 November 2021, B4Plastics was awarded the $2 million USD 2021 Curt Bergfors Food Planet Prize for our work in developing biomaterials for degradable fishing gear within the Glaukos project. This is a huge recognition for B4Plastics, as it confirms our potential as biotech scale-up. The excitement of the B4P green team upon receiving the Food Planet Prize is immense. Check out the live reaction of Stefaan De Wildeman, founder and director of B4Plastics, on the announcement of this news as representation of this feeling HERE. And find out more about the story of B4Plastics within the Food

In een korte bijdrage in Fokus R&D geeft Ann Verlinden haar kijk op de rol van Catalisti in het Vlaams innovatielandschap, de kansen die Moonshot biedt en de steun vanuit VLAIO.

To benefit non-research-intensive SMEs, Flanders is participating in the 32nd CORNET call through VLAIO’s TETRA and COOCK aid instruments. The call has no thematic limitations and is open till 29 September 2021.

Newsflash! The Catalisti Newsletter for July 2021 is out. This issue features a word of welcome to our new colleagues Peggy and Aron, two Moonshot follow-up projects, an open letter to the Flemish government by leading researchers, and so much more.

Two new catalysts have joined the Catalisti team. Peggy Fredrickx and Aron Deneyer are ready and eager to further support our members in accelerating innovation into business!

Vanaf september kunnen Vlaamse kmo’s bij VLAIO een steunaanvraag indienen om via pilootinfrastructuur te testen of het opschalen van een biogebaseerde toepassing haalbaar is.

Chemische recyclage is aan een opmars bezig in Vlaanderen. Zo investeert Indaver 100 miljoen euro om polystyreen chemisch te recycleren tot herbruikbare basisbouwstenen. Een wereldwijde primeur!

To strengthen the competitiveness of Flemish SMEs, Flanders is participating in the 28th IraSME call through VLAIO’s Ontwikkelingsproject aid instrument. The call has no thematic limitations and is open till 29 September 2021.