Join the Multi2Recycle Advisory Board

Circular food packaging remains high on the agenda, with both European and Belgian authorities setting ambitious recycling targets. In line with our innovation programme on Circularity and Resource Efficiency, Catalisti continues to focus on sustainable food packaging that enables both optimal product protection and maximal circularity, for example through the Multi2Recycle project. Sorting and recycling companies are invited to join the Advisory Board of this project.


In the intercluster COOCK project proposal Multi2Recycle, we join forces with Flanders’ FOOD, Pack4Food, UHasselt and VKC-Centexbel to work on the future of circular food packaging. Specifically, this project will seek to answer the following question:

“How can a multilayer plastic food packaging be recyclable and, at the same time, have the optimal barrier properties to ensure the shelf-life of food products?”

Goal of the project is to develop ‘Design for Recycling’ guidelines for multilayer plastic food packaging, incorporating both recyclability and optimal barrier properties. The maximal acceptable concentration of a certain type of barrier material (e.g. metallisation, EVOH) will be defined in function of the packaging recyclability. Afterwards, we will investigate how this translates into the shelf-life of the food product. In addition, the packaging recyclability will be validated on the level of the sorting and recycling sector.

Join us!

Industrial input and participation is crucial for reaching the project goals. Therefore, Catalisti and its partners are looking for sorting and recycling companies that wish to participate in the Multi2Recycle Advisory Board. Is your company interested in this project and its goals? Make sure to contact catalyst Wannes Libbrecht (; +32 499 315 604) for more information or check out a more detailed project description.