Flanders Biobased Biosurfactants (3rd of April, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, Ghent)

Biosurfactants have the potential to be used in a wide variety of applications. Drivers to use biosurfactants are to increase the biobased content of the end-product, biodegradability, low ecotoxicity, to replace current substances which are to be banned from market, or their beneficial activity in the end application. They are not only known because of their tensio-active function, but also for its anti-microbial activity.

This event is organized in the frame of the SuperBIO project (www.h2020-SuperBIO.eu), an H2020 innovation project coordinated by Flanders Biobased Valley. This event will give an overview of new biosurfactants and their usage, and companies are showcasing their latest developments. It is oriented towards companies active in surfactant production or interested in using biosurfactants. More information and registration here.