Chemicals, plastics and life sciences are the essential sector for the Flemish economy

The industry of chemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals has a growth rate that is twice as high as that of other industries. In this way, our sector not only creates a large direct employment but also a leverage for employment in other sectors. The challenge for the future, however, is to attract young talent with a technical and scientific education. This is the conclusion of economist Geert Noels from Econopolis on the basis of an analysis presented on Tuesday evening during the annual event of essenscia vlaanderen in Antwerp.

The theme of the essenscia vlaanderen event was Connecting industries for a better quality of life. During the panel discussion with Luc Delagaye (Agfa Materials), Marina Fernhout-Mollemans (3M Benelux), Stef Heylen (Janssen Pharmaceutica), Luc Van den hove (imec) and Vlaams minister Philippe Muyters, the importance of innovation and cooperation was emphasized. Also the importance of clusters, like Catalisti, that enable these local and international collaborations and that create an environment for open innovation, was highlighted.

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