Catalisti @ TCI2019: Developing the formula for a sustainable chemical industry

The chemical industry and environmental efforts don’t mix. It’s a common misconception, while in fact, chemical products and technologies form a key building block for a sustainable future. Likewise, sustainability is increasingly becoming an elemental compound of the chemical industry.

Catalisti, the spearhead cluster for chemistry and plastics, specifically seeks to drive innovation and multidisciplinary partnerships in these high-impact industries. Catalisti is currently tackling a massive host of projects focused on sustainability, from the development of biobased resources to rolling out carbon-smart technologies in its Moonshot program. This ambitious, longterm program is supported by the Flemish government and is aimed at drastically reducing CO2 emissions in Flanders.

Our main focus today is to contribute to European climate objectives and drive the transition to a circular economy. All our projects – whether they’re in renewable chemicals, side-stream valorization, process intensification or advanced sustainable products – play a vital role in tackling climate challenges and in realizing a circular economy. – Tine Schaerlaekens, catalyst at Catalisti

‘Yes, together we can’
✔ create a carbon-smart society – and reduce CO2 emissions in chemical production processes
✔ achieve a circular economy – by developing solutions with partners throughout the chemical value chain
✔ leverage traditional expertise for sustainable innovation – through collaboration between large chemical manufacturers, cutting-edge start-ups and knowledge institutions

Any organization that’s part of the chemical value chain can join Catalisti. Our members not only include chemical firms, but also feedstock suppliers, recycling companies and technology providers.

To get an in-depth look at Catalisti’s formula for success and its ‘Yes, together we can’ mentality, make sure to participate in the upcoming Sustainable Chemistry Tour on October 8th during this year’s TCI 2019 conference in Antwerp. This event is hosted by Flanders Investment & Trade and the TCI Network.

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