BIO-HArT: Interested in samples lignin or derived bio-aromatics?

Biorizon Innovation and upscaling of Renewable Aromatics Technology (BIO-Hart)

For the next three years 10 partners will be working on the production and scale-up of aromatic chemicals from biomass in the interregional BIO-HArT project.

The BIO-HArT project is the next step in the industry-driven roadmap of Biorizon. The project has three objectives:

  • Develop optimised procedures for the chemical reactions and the conversion and separation processes.
  • Realisation of generic and multi-purpose process setups for three technologies (wood, sugars and lignin to aromatics).
  • Manufacturing of test samples of sugars, lignin, furans, alkylphenols, mono-, di- and tri-acids, functionalised phenols and other aromatic compounds. In collaboration with the industry applications will be developed based on these test samples.

This project was realised thanks to a contribution of the European program Interreg V Flanders-Netherlands that stimulates innovation, renewable energy, a healthy environment and the labor market through cross-border projects.

Are you interested in receiving samples to test in your application? Or do you have specific wishes regarding characteristics of the samples (functionality, reactivity, ..)?

For more information about available samples ​​in the BIO-HArT project – contact us!
• Karolien Vanbroekhoven: or +32 493 51 42 70
• Kelly or +32 493 31 87 46
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