New members 2022

Coperion is an industry leader in compounding and extrusion, feeding and weighing, bulk material handling and service, bringing a wealth of know-how and experience to the market. Beyond large-scale applications, close collaboration with customers has driven the continual development of systems and components. This impressive portfolio also includes extensive worldwide service and support encompassing maintenance, spare parts, consulting and training. As a result, customers have access to an even greater global network designed to take their processes to the next level. 

Lumiforte is an international company that produces coatings for the horticultural industry. Our coatings improve the climate and light control in greenhouses for the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Additionally, we are a specialist in line marking products and equipment in the European sports sector. Next to ready-for-use coatings, we produce a series of coating concentrates for marking sports fields, whereby the user can determine the level of whiteness. Within the R&D-department, we are constantly in search of new products to match our clients’ (future) needs, besides improving our current product line with respect to sustainability. We are highly interested in investigating biodegradable components, for instance polymer binders, to be used in our products.

As an integrated bankinsurer and asset manager, KBC has the ambition to play a catalysing role in the transition towards a more sustainable world. Its climate strategy consists of 3 pillars. To start, KBC wants to walk the talk by reducing its own climate impact. Second, it is embedding sustainability criteria in its credit, insurance and investment policies. Our financial solutions can be a catalyst for sustainable investments. Third, we want to be a partner in transition for our customers, B2B and B2C. We want to make our customers aware for the climate risks ànd opportunities that may impact their business model. Together with our partners, we provide advice for and implementation of projects that make your company more sustainable.

The MindCapture ecosystem offers expert project consultancy and top talent recruitment in the world of chemistry & (bio)plastics. We like to co-think with innovative players in the life sciences & cleantech arena, where talents are getting scarce and jobs are getting more and more complex.    We provide a total solution, in order to provide complementary skills and profiles to get the job done. It’s all about focus and expertise. Our consultants are technical experts, but they are also trained to inspire and coach your team to the next level.   Experts on our payroll and our strong community of freelancers help us in offering you talents as a service.  As your talent matching partner, we seek talents and connect with passion, precision and quality. Looking forward to connect!

Plinius Labs is a chemical laboratory that extracts value from natural and recovered raw materials. Biomass is far too expensive for incineration or thrown away before valorising it as a material or ingredient. Thanks to their knowledge at the interface of plant materials and chemistry, side streams can be upgraded in various segments to full-fledged ingredients and materials for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and technology. Plinius Labs starts with more than 40 years of expertise in innovative green solutions. Besides continuously investing in R&D, eco-chemical know-how and advanced equipment, they act as Contract Research Organisation, providing customers with services in the field of (natural) chemistry.

The chemical and plastics industry are challenged to innovate continuously in this fast paced world. Ever more efficient and sustainable products/ processes, higher plant availability, flexibility for plants and resources – in the chemical industry, one thing counts above all: sustainable competitiveness across the entire plant life cycle. Siemens Digital Industries leverages its decades of experience in the chemical industry, driving digitalization, automatization and electrification through integrated engineering and integrated operations. Digitalization is the most effective strategy for overcoming future challenges. For example, with the Digital Twin of a Process or even the complete plant, Siemens solutions enable chemical companies to make increasingly better, faster and safer decisions. Furthermore it provides a solid foundation for systematically optimizing plants at any time throughout the entire lifecycle.

Talenco is a technical service provider that offers integrated solutions to industrial innovative companies. More specifically, Talenco designs, builds and maintains industrial installations. In addition, they are specialised in industrial machine construction, reliability calculations and maintenance on specific assets such as transformers. Through their services focused on technology, sustainability & innovation, they tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Voxdale is passionate about innovation and strives to maximize the innovation potential of products. Voxdale has a multidisciplinary team that delivers beautiful design solutions that work. They help out from start to finish in the production process, from ideation to industrialization which means they master the entire design process. In the collaboration process with their customers they use both understandable tools and communication for optimal collaboration with our customers, as well as high end methods and software to support the creation or improvement of successful products.

With the production of mineral fertilizer as its largest business area, Yara International has a vision of a world without hunger and a planet respected, which is pursued with a strategy of sustainable value growth, promoting climate-friendly crop nutrition and zero-emission energy solutions. To achieve this ambition, Yara has taken the lead in developing not only premium crop-nutrition products but also digital farming tools for precision farming, and works closely with partners throughout the food value chain to improve the efficiency and sustainability of food production. In 2021, Yara has launched some organic and organo-mineral fertilizing products in Europe, and is progressing to enlarge its portfolio with additional bio-based products also in other markets. Next to the fertilizer business, many industrial products and offerings are part of the portfolio. Recently Yara has expanded their commercial reach within clean ammonia focusing on green ammonia as zero-carbon shipping fuel and energy carrier. Technology and its research and development have always been a key to the success of Yara’s products. Yara Technology and Projects (YTP) (with the YTP Sluiskil team as first contact for the Catalisti network), focuses on both improving existing products, processes and technologies, as well as developing new and innovative solutions with focus on circularity and digitalization. The ongoing research themes in Sluiskil are prevalently centered around nitrogen-based fertilizers and anything related to their production, quality and sustainability.