Membership Test

Catalisti supports the cluster in general (also non members) and provides more specific services to Catalisti members. There are two types of Catalisti members: project and entry member.

Meet the Catalisti members

Project members:
You want to be an active partner in innovation projects or you have an idea for an innovation project but no partners (other companies or knowledge institutions). Collaborations with multiple companies helps to reduce risks and increases the changes of successful market introduction of new products, processes or services. However, these types of collaborations require very good agreements between the partners. Catalisti is the neutral partner with the right contacts and experiences to successfully guide you through this process.

We help you with the complete set-up of innovation projects: from project definition, finding suitable partners to applying for funding and project follow-up. Catalisti has access to privileged funds for the funding of innovations projects of project members.
Project members will also have a personal account manager and can use all Catalisti services listed above.
Project members contribute a yearly membership fee. With the official approval of a subsidised project, an additional project fee is applicable. This project fee is much smaller than the subsidies to be received by the project member.

Entry members:
You have no immediate desire to participate in a cooperative innovation project with other companies, but you want to be part of the Catalisti network and make use of the Catalisti services for entry members as listed above. You will receive relevant information, will have free access to events, can rely on our knowledge and our network and you will be informed if other companies are looking for partners for projects.

Entry members contribute a small yearly membership fee.