IPCEI Hydrogen

The energy transition and the transition to a carbon-smart economy require a differentiated and complementary energy mix with innovative solutions, including hydrogen. The future development of the hydrogen sector, however, depends on the emergence of a Belgian and European industrial offer.

In this context, federal and regional Belgian authorities have recently launched a call for expressions of interest (oproep tot indiening van blijken van belangstelling or OIB) for companies interested in a potential IPCEI Hydrogen (Important Project of Common European Interest). Aim of this OIB is to identify Belgian companies that, through various partnerships across the European economic value chain, wish to participate in innovation projects concerning the conception and the production of hydrogen-based energy solutions.

Is your company interested in a potential IPCEI Hydrogen? Does your company have expertise in and experience with hydrogen-based energy solutions? Submit your dossier and express your support for this interesting innovation opportunity!

The submission of your dossier occurs in two phases:
  • A first submission is required by 5 May 2020. This includes a summarizing project description and a fiscal file (financial statements of the past three years + descriptin of shareholdership) to be send to ipcei-hydrogen@economie.fgov.be. The project description is, in this phase, not a definitive project proposal but rather an expression of interest. The submission, in other words, does not require the same level of detail as a definitive project proposal. It should, however, be informative enough to allow for an impact assessment. Please note that the authorities involved might request additional information throughout the submission process.
  • A second, more substantial submission is required by 5 June 2020.
For more information (in Dutch) concerning the requirements and the required documents please visit https://economie.fgov.be/nl/themas/energie/energietransitie/belangrijk-project-van or contact catalyst Tine Schaerlaekens.

Disclaimer: Currently there is no IPCEI Hydrogen. This call for expressions of interest does not imply any involvement of Belgium in a possible future IPCEI Hydrogen. With this call for expressions of interest, the Belgian federal and regional authorities are taking a pro-active stance and they wish in the first place to be able to take a well-founded decision on participation in the IPCEI Hydrogen on the basis of the information received. The call therefore does not involve any funding. If it is decided, on the basis of the information received, to participate in an IPCEI Hydrogen, compliance with the procedures and submission of the required documents will still be necessary to consider an application.