European Green Deal Call

Today, the EU has approved the final version of the call for proposals related to the EU’s Green Deal.

The EU Green Deal call that was published today by the European Commission seeks to directly contribute to a fundamental transformation of Europe’s economies and societies. The call responds to the pressing need to confront the climate crisis and provide greater protection for the continent’s unique environment and biodiversity. At the same time, the call addresses the equally urgent challenge of aiding Europe’s recovery in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis. In total, the call is broken down into eight principal areas, reflecting the structure of the European Green Deal, each comprising one to three broad thematic topics. Alongside these eight core areas, two supporting areas are also featured, i.e. concerning knowledge systems and research infrastructures and citizen engagement respectively.

More information about the call can be found on pages 62-172 of this document.

Deadline for the submission of project proposals within this call will be the end of January 2021. Interested in this call? Please contact catalyst Tine Schaerlaekens for more information.