EU ETS Innovation Fund

To meet its long-term climate and energy objectives, Flanders is investing heavily in the development of and the support for innovative technologies. In this context, both Flemish and European funding programmes are of interest, including the EU ETS Innovation Fund. This 10 billion euro Fund is expected to issue a first call in June 2020.

The EU ETS Innovation Fund seeks to stimulate demonstration projects focussing on:
  • innovative low-carbon technologies, processes and products in energy-intensive industries
  • Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) & Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
  • innovative technologies for renewable energy generation and energy storage

The scope of the Fund is quite broad: there are only a few requirements concerning the types of projects that qualify for funding. Furthermore, the Fund does not only focus on companies that fall under the EU ETS. Other companies can submit projects too. The Fund will support up to 60% of the capital and operational costs of a project. This subsidy can be combined with other complementary (European) funding programmes.

The Fund will launch various project calls between 2020-2030. A first call is expected in June 2020. This call will be technology-neutral and is not directed towards a specific sector. This call will be aimed at large-scale projects (capital expenditure higher than 7,5 million euro). For this first call, more than 1 billion euro will be made available. Early 2021, a call for smaller projects will follow (capital expenditure lower than 7,5 million euro).

Interested in this innovation opportunity? For more information about the submission and selection procedure please read the newsletter of the Flemish government (PDF format, in Dutch) or contact catalyst Tine Schaerlaekens. We will of course inform you about the official launch of the 2020 and 2021 calls through our regular channels.