Catalisti in a nutshell

Accelerating innovation into business in chemistry and plastics: that’s the Catalisti mission. Discover all about our approach, our diverse network of partners, and our collaborative open innovation projects!

Who we are

Catalisti is the spearhead cluster for the chemical and plastics industry in Flanders. As a cluster organisation positioned at the very centre of the industry, we are able to catalyse successful synergies between companies, universities and research institutes, as well as governments. By championing cooperation across the chemical value chain, we actively contribute and give rise to a sustainable and competitive chemicals and plastics industry in Flanders!

Our Approach

Following the triple helix model of innovation, we build partnerships between cutting-edge companies, renowned universities and research institutes, as well as governments in Flanders. To set up high-impact innovation projects between these partners, we employ the tried and tested Triple F Principle.

We FIND and initiate collaborative innovation projects aimed at creating new sustainable business opportunities for your company.

We FACILITATE grant applications for projects, as well as alignment and agreement between project partners..

We FULFILL your company needs by offering specific services aimed at delivering an innovative boost to your business.
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Our Network

Our diverse network consists of more than 100 partners: from industrial companies throughout the value chain to world-class universities and renowned research institutes. These companies include both global players, SMEs and local start-ups.

Within our network, we act as an impartial player, project leader and service provider. All of our partners benefit from our experience and expertise in finding, facilitating and fulfilling innovation projects and partnerships. To us, networking and partnering are not buzzwords, but an essential piece of the innovation puzzle!

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Open Innovation

Through open innovation projects, we support our partners in valorising development and growth opportunities, retaining competitiveness in sustainable products and processes, as well as securing a robust international reach. All of our projects fit into an overarching Innovation Agenda, which includes four specific Innovation Programs.

Biobased Value Chains
Using nature’s power
Using biobased resources as feedstock to develop and produce biobased chemical products. That’s the essence of the Biobased Value Chains innovation program. Our goal is to develop ‘new’ biobased value chains, from feedstocks over conversion processes up to products in the market.
One of our partners active in this program is B4Plastics, a Flemish polymer architecture company. It designs, scales and supplies novel ecological biomaterials with the best balance in the market between cost, function and sustainability. Through its pioneering and unique technology platforms, such as FortePlastics – the strongest degradable materials in the world – B4Plastics has opened up totally new market spaces from niche to bulk applications.

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Process Intensification and Transformation
Faster, smaller, better
Innovation of chemical processes, both incremental and radical. That’s the focus of the Process Intensification and Transformation innovation program. Our goal is to develop improved processes that are safer, save energy and resources, produce less waste, are more flexible, and/or deliver a higher quality.
In this program, Epic Blue is one of our partners. This leading Flemish technology company provides high-performance and highly accurate location intelligence for business critical operations. Epic Blue is re-inventing how people can be located in the most demanding environments, even when GPS or other infrastructures are not available.

Want to discover why Epic Blue won Deloitte’s fast50 Most Disruptive Innovator award? Simply contact Epic Blue’s Frederik Malesevic for a meeting at ECP!

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Circularity and Resource Efficiency
Waste becomes resource
Transforming linear chemical value chains into circular value chains is therefore the core of the Circularity and Resource Efficiency innovation program. Our goal is to develop new processes that enable circularity by transforming waste and sidestreams into valuable products.
One of our partners in this program is InOpSys, which designs on-site mobile and modular side stream treatment solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Their solutions generate purified water and process streams and, on top, recuperate valuable compounds such as metals/catalysts, solvents, etc. InOpSys provides an alternative for the current linear approach of transport and incineration, helping customers to implement a sustainable and circular production process. In addition, they develop new and innovative technologies for the removal of pharmaceuticals in the environment (PIE), endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC), PFAS, and so on.

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Advanced Sustainable Products
Clean and green
Developing new, innovative products that are advanced and sustainable. That’s what the Advanced Sustainable Products innovation program is all about. Our goal is to develop new products with improved functionality, a better sustainability profile and improved processability, amongst other targeted features.
The Molecular Plasma Group (MPG) is active within this program. Through its disruptive Molecular Plasma Technology, MPG has enabled the creation of a wide range of advanced surface functionalities. Their technology can achieve adhesion promotion, one-step immobilisation of bio-molecules, virucidal coatings, silicone-free release functionalities, tune-able super-hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity, microfluidic channeling, and much more. Their unique technology allows for the use of a wide variety of precursor molecules on basically any kind of surface.

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