Call for Partners Hybrid AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become mainstream. Human intelligence is increasingly being replaced by machines that handle vast amounts of data, learn from these data, present conclusions and take action whenever appropriate.

What is Hybrid AI?
The AI concept, dating back to the fifties, is relatively old. Hybrid Artificial Intelligence, however, is fairly new: it studies how data-driven analytics can be effectively combined with knowledge-driven analytics. In other words, it brings back the human factor.

How can my business benefit from Hybrid AI?
Combining human expertise with data-driven decision-making can transform the chemical industry. Specifically, Hybrid AI is very promising as it reduces the amount of data required, offers more and better explainability of what happens (compared to the black-box algorithms used by most AI systems), and enables to scale up specialized knowledge. In short, chemical companies with a unique expertise in specific processes are bound to benefit from Hybrid AI. Also, life science researchers can benefit by accelerating their development processes and by increasing their understanding of the potential impact of newly developed medicines.

Call for Partners by imec and HUMAIN
IMEC, the number one academic expert on AI, and HUMAIN, a start-up company within Belgium’s largest IT services group Cronos, are looking for partners to set up a Hybrid AI research project. This would be an ICON project with potential support from VLAIO, the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Such a project would aim to develop new models, enabling processes that are either more cost-effective, shorter to execute, offer a better output quality, enable a more flexible use of resources, produce less waste, are more safe or a combination of any of these advantages.

Chemical companies willing to make a head start with Hybrid AI technology are kindly invited to join forces with imec and HUMAIN. Simply express your interest in the proposed project by contacting catalysts Laura-Lynn Fockaert or Jeroen van Walsem before 10 September 2020.