Alternatives to Chemical Treatment Techniques for Cooling Towers

In general, there are three major issues an industrial cooling water system may encounter: corrosion, deposition/scaling, and microbial growth. Because these problems can have a direct, negative impact on the value of the entire process, a wide range of cooling water chemicals is used to provide protection against these cooling system challenges. These cooling water chemicals, however, might pose an environmental burden when the cooling water is discharged in surface water. Catalisti is initiating a collective research project, ATTRACT, on alternatives to chemical treatment techniques for cooling towers to demonstrate and benchmark available technologies for biocide-free treatment of cooling water (as a direct alternative of liquid sodium hypochorite, i.e. bleach). In addition, apart from biocide-free treatment, alternative corrosion chemicals can also be investigated depending on the interest expressed by potential participating companies.

If your company is interested in this project, please contact catalyst Luc Van Ginneken.