Project pitches & presentations Open Consortium Meeting 15 maart 2018


BBEPP – Circular Carbon To Product: Building a circular carbon economy (CC2P)

BBEPP – Develop technologies and systems to produce bio-based aromatics that outperform fossil-based counterparts (BBI call)

Centexbel – Recycling of coated materials (RECYCOAT)

KULeuven – New Avenues in Continuous Flow Manufacturing (NACOM)

UAntwerpen – Plant roots valorisation to high value-added products (PROVACID) 

UAntwerpen – Wastewater treatment as a resource factory: gelforming biopolymers from industrial wastewater

UAntwerpen – New multifunctional long chain oleochemically based molecules

UAntwerpen – Catalysts for plasma-driven conversion of CO2 and for other chemical processes

UGent – Model-based analysis and optimization of crystallization processes

UHasselt – High-end cellulose applications

VITO – Chitinous resources for the production of bio-stimulants

VITO – Enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins into tailored peptides and their use in different applications

VITO – Replacement of REACH restricted solvents in polyurethane applications 

VITO – Fully closed circle for re- and upcycling of used polymers 

VITO/Thomas More – Biobased pigments and higher valuables from algae 

VUB – Adsorptive technologies for the efficient recovery, separation and purification of renewable chemicals

DataStories – Search for a DMF replacement based on machine feature engineering technology

DataStories – Search for biobased replacements by using smart Design of Experiments technology


UAntwerpen – Health Benefits in chemistry and plastics: an introduction on possible uses of probiotics, prebiotics, antimicrobial and other agents

essenscia – How to include REACH in the innovation process

VLAIO – The new Flemish subsidy mechanisms for research and development