All renewable CCU based on formic acid integrated in an industrial microgrid

CO2PERATE aims to develop catalytic technologies to convert CO2 into formic acid, using renewable electricity. Formic acid will subsequently be used as building block for the biosynthetic production of value added chemicals, as a building block for the chemical industry, or as a potential carrier for energy storage. The processes developed within CO2PERATE hence provide grid stability and integrate renewable electricity generation with the chemical industry. To evaluate the potential of the different options, a decision support framework will be developed within CO2PERATE  to select the best available technology for CO2 utilization within a given techno-economic context.

Project type: SBO
Approved on:
Duration: 01/03/2018 – 01/03/2022
Total project budget: EUR 2.612.101
Partners:  VITO logo blends